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Monday, April 25, 2011

Foodzie Box vs. Drewzie Box

FINALLY, here are my Tasting Box comparisonsThe Foodzie Box vs. the "Drewzie box"  (the box that my friend Drew gave me).  Drew went to Wegmans and spent 20-hard-earned-dollars on me just to prove a point :)  So, who won? Let's see.

February and March Foodzie Tasting boxes:

February Foodzie Box

Truffled Popcorn - NO!  Too much truffle flavor (is that terrible to say on a food blog?)!
Sweet and Spicy Candied Walnuts - Noooooo, did NOT like these.  I can't place what it was about them, but it was just a big NO for me.
Fleur de Sel & Beer and Pretzel Caramels - The beer and pretzel caramels were sooo not my kind of thing (but they are apparently a bestseller), but the Fleur de Sel one was great.
Parisian Mendiants - These are small disks of chocolate with candied orange, hazelnuts and pistachios.  These look very pretty and were tasty, too! 
Almond chocolate Trail Bar - AMAZING.  It was also perfect fuel for a run!  It contained rolled oats, almonds, nutty rice, flax seeds, coconut and chocolate.  And there was no skimping on the chocolate.  Unfortunately, if I wanted to buy them online they are $50 FOR 18 BARS.  $50!!!!!!
Cabernet Brownies - These were made with wine flour - isn't that cool?  OMG they were sooo good and fudgy.

March Foodzie Box

Kale Chips - Soooooooo not my bag of chips...
Regular and Dark Chocolate Cocomels - Coconut milk caramels! So good!
Chile Pepper and Sumac Pepper Salts - Interesting idea.  I like that it came with recipe cards, but I still haven't used them.
Blue Cheese Fig Savory Shortbreads - LOVED them, and I don't even like blue cheese.  Made for a red wine pairing which is a super cute idea!
Hot Chocolate on a Stick - Cute concept, but totally annoying to actually use since it took SO LONG to melt.  It did make AMAZING hot chocolate though.
Gogi Berry & Himalyan Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar - Saving this and am really excited to try it!

Drewzie Box:

Drewzie Box - From Wegmans

Cranberry and Fig Sauce - This was definitely more of a chutney than a jam (which is what I was initially expecting). It was great on sandwiches!
Seitenbacher Muesli (For Active People) - BEST MUESLI IN THE WORLD.  Went to Wegmans and bought two more bags.  Need to buy more!  I'm not sure I can eat any other kind!!!!
Pretzel Crisps - YUM!  And I'm not even a big fan of pretzels.  Went to Sam's Club and bought a HUUUUGE bag of these.  Love them plain, love them with cheese, love them with hummus etc etc etc !
Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Crackers - Interesting flavor, and I liked them with cheese as well but they were VERY crunchy.  I was worried for my teeth.
Hyderabad Vegetable Pilaf - WAY too oily and spicy. Dislike!!!

So who do I think was the winner?  Welll......AND YOU WILL HATE ME FOR THIS: BOTH!!!! 

OK, here is why.  The Drewzie Box wins because I bought more of the items for myself - so it did super well on New Customer Acquisition (I have friends in the business world who told me that phrase hahaha).  I've now had THREE Foodzie boxes, and never once did I ever feel the need to go online and buy the full-size products from Foodzie. 

But the Foodzie Tasting Box wins on originality. It has definitely opened up my taste buds to things I had never tried before (Coconut milk caramels! Kale chips!  Brownies made with wine flour!), even if I didn't end up liking them (Kale chips!) I think that $20 towards a fun surprise bag of treats is worth it.  I don't have a yearly subscription though, I think it will be a once in a while treat.

So there you have it! :) Do you think I took the easy way out?  :)

Disclaimer - The February food box was sent to me for free by Foodzie, but I purchased the box for January and March.  Drewzie's box was also free!

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