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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pre-Run Meals

Lasagna: Runner Food of Excellence

Some of you may be wondering what I like to eat before my long runs.  No?  None of you care?  Too bad, I'm going to tell you.

In all honesty, it varies all the time.  The night before my long runs, I've had the following things:
  • Lobster Roll from Mike's Fish and Seafood Market
  • Chicken Platter from Mi Rancho
  • Chicago Hot Dog from Portillos and some Sliders from the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock Tower
  • Butter Pasta (SOOOOO Boooooring)
  • Pasta with Red Sauce and Chicken (Boooorinnnng)
  • Tofu with Rice and Vegetables (Delish but booooring)
  • Some other stuff that is probably not that exciting either
I am all over the place!

One meal that I've had twice now to great success the next day (including my 20 mile run), is the Homemade Meat Sauce Lasagna ($9.25) from Little Taste of Italy (previously reviewed here).  I am so in love with this lasagna.  Their sauce is slow cooked and a bit sweet, the meat is INCREDIBLY plentiful, and there's enough food for two meals!  It's also served with garlic bread, which I happily devour.  Although I won't be able to have this same lasagna the night before the marathon (I am going to Luigi's in DC since I am running the Marine Corps Marathon), at least I know that Lasagna has given me good luck before!

So, Baltimore Marathon Runners, need to find a good option for your pre-race meal on Friday the 14th? Consider the Lasagna from Little Taste of Italy!

Not a runner but still want to get in on this sweet lasagna action?  Not a problem - this is the ultimate comfort food!


Casey said...

Yummy - the Marine Corps Marathon will be my first marathon. Very exciting!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Yay!!! How do you feel?? I am getting excited! I watched the documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" recently and got very emotional!

Cara said...

Ha, I totally looked at the picture and took it to mean your pre-run breakfast and was like, no way! The night before, lasagna makes a ton of sense. I've learned from experience (a bad one) to have nothing remotely spicy before hand.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

ahahaha if I ate that for breakfast, I would be in mega trouble :) Yea, definitely nothing spicy for me. I learned from experience no lentils either :o/

Casey said...

I am excited but very nervous because my long run so far has only been 18 miles. But my goal is to just finish - no specific time goal so I should be fine. What have you gotten up to with your long runs?

Are you running the Baltimore Half as a warm up next weekend? Maybe I'll spot you there :)

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