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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joe Squared, Station North (Baltimore City)

 Chicken, Corn and "Apple" Pizza

After all the hoopla I’ve heard about Joe Squared, I expected my life to change upon the first bite of the coal-fired pizza.  It didn’t happen.  I’m not sure it could have since my pizza was so lacking in…..flavor and deliciousness :o/

I decided to go for something fun and chose the Chicken, Corn and Apple Pizza (10 inch for $15) but instead I received some forgettable chicken, some corn, cheese, a very spicy tomato sauce, SO MANY onions and, oh yea, a few tiny diced pieces of granny smith apples in one corner of the pizza.  No, this is not what I was expecting, Joe Squared, when you told me there would be apple on my pizza.  I am in FALL mode now – I want apples everywhere and in everything, so don’t insult me with tiny diced pieces (in one corner, no less!) when I dream of big ol’ slices of apple all over my pizza. 

Other Observations:
- The 10inch pizza was definitely a good size for one person.  
- They have a HUGE risotto selection, which is something you don't see very often.  I had a taste of the bacon and apple risotto and all I tasted was salt and (surprise, surprise) no apple. But it was still very comforting, and if you're not a fan of pizza, I would suggest getting a small risotto and a small salad.
- This isn't a very pretty place, definitely a bar type feel to it, but a surprising number of the patrons on a weekday evening were older. I am assuming the young crowd comes later at night.
- They have a huge bar list, and a TON of rum.
- Their desserts are from Puffs and Pastries

So in conclusion, perhaps I ordered wrong, or perhaps my pizza would have been flavorful had they actually served what I wanted, but nevertheless what I was served was boring.  If someone wanted to meet me there for some food, I would say yes and definitely choose another type of pizza from the menu, but I probably won’t suggest it myself.  For that type of money and for the amount of praise Joe Squared has received, I expected a little more.

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Scott D. said...

order the barbecue chicken pizza next time. never tried that other one, but the bbq chicken is the best! I've heard good things about the risottos too, but never tried them.

Matthew said...

I'm so sad. this is definitely one of my more favorite pizzas in baltimore. I love the flag pizza.... i haven't tried the other ones that are so loaded with topings...

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Scott - Katie got the BBQ Chicken Pizza and it seemed OK, but I'm not really a BBQ fan, so I'm not a good judge.

Matthew - You know, a couple of people suggested I try the Flag Pizza for my first time around. I wish I had followed their advice because I'm pretty sure my review of this place would have been totally different :(

Jen said...

Nakiya, so sorry to hear you had a bad experience! I've only had Joe Squared pizza once, but I really liked it. I think I got some kind of mushroom pizza and it had a lot of flavor. Maybe the key is to not order anything with apples!

theminx said...

I just had my first taste of Joe Squared today at a little afternoon pizza party. Although the pizza was cold by the time we ate it, I thought it was pretty good for ultra-thin-crust stuff (not my fave).

Joe said...

Hi Nakiya,
I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience at Joe Squared. I'd be more than happy to put some extra apples on your pizza and risotto next time around. We are more than happy to fill any request. Please let me know what I can do to make it up to you. My email is and my cell is 410-913-4862. I'd gladly make you another pizza free of charge, loaded with as many apples as you'd like.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I agree with this entire post! It was not just a one-off experience for you. I had this pizza maybe a year ago, and I was so disappointed... the bottom was burnt, sauce was waaay too spicy, apples were unbelievably tiny. I haven't been back.
I see that Joe has offered to make it up to you, which is nice, but it would be better if the pizza was good the first time around.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went here based on recommendations from numerous I am from NY, so I may be a little bit of a pizza snob.... and I was told that this was very close to NY where near close...the crust is like a thin, slightly crunchy flat bread, and the first time we got the mushroom pizza, which was so flavorless, we doused it with Parma cheese. Second time was equally unimpressive, although not terrible. No doubt it's better than dominos or papa johns, which in my opinion are abominations. We also tried the venison risotto with arugula, which was yummy!!! If you want pizza that is just a notch below NY pizza, try Pizza Blitz of Quarry Lake in doubt the best pizza I have had outside of NY!! The owner is from Naples Italy, and knows how to make pizza!!! Not to mention their awesome subs and salads.

Pam R said...

FYI Pizza Blitz (Pikesville) is not the same as the one in Frederick MD, or Pasta Blitz...there is one common business partner, but the recipes are all their own. Pizza is AMAZING and the cheese (chix or beef) steaks are the best I've ever had, numerous people I know have said the same!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Thanks for letting me know about Pasta Blitz! I've never been to Quarry Lake, but it sounds like I need to make it out there!

Pam R said...

Pizza Blitz!!! Lol not anything like Pasta Blitz....and you really do have to try it, it's amazing... And did I mention they do pizza by the slice?! Best times to go are when they first open through the lunch hour (11-2) or in the evening (5-7) as they make all the pizzas fresh and they are always turning them over when they are busy! Let me know what you think!

Oh and as a fellow foodie you will appreciate that there is a Fresh Market in the shopping center, which is always fun to explore...I love new and different grocery stores :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

whoops, I mean Pizza Blitz :) And yes, being close to a Fresh Market is awesome - I LOVE that place!

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