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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tea By Julia Faye, North Baltimore

Last Thursday I had off from work and decided to treat myself to a delightful afternoon - I went to a new tea room! Now, I was a little apprehensive because taking tea is traditionally a shared activity, but I didn't want that to stop me.

Tea by Julia Faye is a small but cozy tea room and shop located right by the Cylburn Arboretum and Sinai Hospital.  Though I was the only guest there at the time, I was made to feel completely comfortable by Miss Julia, who was incredibly warm and friendly and not at all overbearing.

Considering I didn't make an appointment, the food preparation took longer than usual since the food is made fresh.  I didn't mind.  I ordered a port of Keemum black tea and read my magazine by the window while some beautiful classical music filled the room.  Let's all just imagine that and say ahhhhhhhhh, because it was as lovely as it sounds!

I ordered the Light Tea ($11) which came with a 4 cup pot of tea, a blueberry scone (served with freshly whipped cream, lemon curd and jam), a cheddar biscuit and some assorted tea sandwiches.  My sandwiches included cucumber and cream cheese on two baguette slices, half a croissant filled with a DELICIOUS chicken salad with cranberries and two little square turkey sandwiches on raisin bread.

You can order sandwiches a la carte. The delicious croissant with chicken salad that I loved comes with chips and is $6.95!  What a steal!

This was one of the loveliest afternoons I've had in a while.  I was so relaxed and everything was just so pleasant.  I'm sure this place is very busy over the weekend, but if you have a chance to go during the week, I urge you to consider it, but make an appointment first!

I can't wait for my next day off work!!!

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theminx said...

What? Cucumber on baguette? Heresy!

strawberriesinparis said...

Are you serious???? I just made a reservation for this place for next Saturday for my cousin Jen's birthday!!! Found it on the teamap!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

ahahahaha Kathy!

Elizabeth - OMG seriously, this is getting hilarious! I loved this place sooo much, you will too! It's beyond cute!

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