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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chaps Pit Beef, NE Baltimore City

Beef and Sausage Combo Sandwich

Do you like meat?  Do you like a lot of meat?

Then get yourself to Chaps Pit Beef.  Yes, the area is a bit sketchy (it's located in the parking lot of a strip joint and across the road from a Porn Store LOL), but as soon as you step into the small building and have your first bite of meat heaven, you probably won't care.  You don't need to take your food to go - there are long picnic style benches inside and also outside seating set up in such a way that you forget exactly where you are. 

All the reviews I read said to order the Pit Beef, but I couldn't help myself and ordered the Beef/Sausage combo ($6.80) instead.  I am glad I did, the sausage was crispy and spicy and really added a little bit of oomph to the pit beef.  In fact, most of my friends (who ended up ordering The Markie: Beef, Turkey and Sausage - $7.55) agreed that the pit beef was actually the weakest link in the sandwiches, though that’s not saying a lot because it was still delicious and flavorful. 

The Markie - Beef, Turkey, Sausage

Would I go again?  Oh definitely, though when I’m in the mood for BBQ, it would be hard to find a reason to drive out of the way to get to Chaps when I live right by Andy Nelson’s. However, the sausage may just call my name....and I may have to answer. 

p.s. Peek into the kitchen and watch the whole Meat Operation as you wait for your order - it's kinda fascinating AND it makes you excited/hungry/anxious for your sandwich.     

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strawberriesinparis said...

Looks good to me!

TX Grandma said...

I'm from T-E-X-A-S and you know we love our beef down here! Please ship me some ASAP!

Bernie58 said...

I like the sausage rapped in beef called the Bulldog. the fries are not to be missed.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Fran - I bet you have amazing places in Texas by you!!!! Maybe you should ship some up to me! :)

Bernie - That sounds AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm surprised I didn't get the fries, especially since I love them so much. Next time!

scott said...

Love that place. Although once I ordered a rib sandwich, not really thinking about what I'd get, and it was bone-in ribs on a bun.. how are you supposed to eat that? so I just ate the ribs like normal. They were delicious, of course, but I should have just ordered ribs.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Seriously, how are bones conducive to a sandwich!? That makes no sense. They were at least delicious, right!?

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