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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Au Bon Pain, Orlando Airport :)

While stopped in the Orlando airport on a layover last weekend, I got myself a carrry-out lunch at Au Bon Pain.
I chose the tuna and cheddar sandwich. This sandwich was incredibly hearty on really thick wheat bread. The tuna salad itself was flavored with the usual mayonnaise, some dill and some carrots, which I thought was a nice change. I am pretty sure there were celery as well, but I was too busy eating to notice. I was happily full from that sandwich for a very long time! I like when I can get sandwiches and not feel the need to buy any other sides for fear of not being full enough.

There are a couple of Au Bon Pains in the city, I should remember this sandwich and see if they have it at these locations as well! I love my Tuna Sandwiches!

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notablem said...

I love my tuna, too.

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