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Friday, September 4, 2009

Inspired at the Wrong Time

Just came back from seeing Julie & Julia and never before has a movie so inspired me to instantly make food as this one. I mean, my stomach was full from the yummy salmon I had earlier, and yet all I could think about was how delicous some Bouef Bourguignon would be at 10pm. Well, there is always tomorrow!

Let's just hope my inspiration lasts until then!

Also, I just looked at the recipe and let's just hope I'll actually feel like making a recipe that takes 5,000 hours and 5,000 ingredients.

Let's just REALLY hope I don't go to Wegman's for the ingredients and come out 1 hour later with some bread and brie and call it a day.

p.s. It also made me realize that I should probably blog a little better lately. Sorry :(

1 comment:

Simply Life said...

I'm glad you liked that movie - I'm so excited to see it! :)

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