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Friday, November 7, 2008

Juice Me Up, Federal HIll

Because today was such an unusually warm November day, I decided to take advantage of it (and try and burn off the Hershey kisses I consumed this morning) and go for a walk. I usually walk east and north of Pratt Street, so I decided to head towards Federal Hill, besides, I was in the mood for a smoothie.  It took me ten minutes to get to Federal Hill!  I was so amazed and annoyed at myself because I had never thought of walking down here.  Now this opens up so many possibilities for my Friday lunch out of the office!
I headed for Cross Street Market and went to Juice Me Up, a place that serves a variety of blended juice smoothies.  Usually I love the yogurt-y smoothies, but I was going for healthy today.  I ordered a 16oz Dango Mango for $4.  It was mango, orange, organic pineapple and banana mixed with ice.  This was a deliciously refreshing juice.  The banana made it really think without making it taste banana-y.  The flavor was definitely an orange mango juice.  I thought that the 16oz, which is the smallest size, was the perfect way to go.  Anything more and I probably would have had a stomach ache.  Overall, I was really happy with my choice, and it has opened me up to the possibility of trying more juice smoothies rather than yogurt smoothies.  I would definitely try this again, although I would probably make my way back again on another warm day.

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