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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Poitin Stil, Timonium

My dad was in town (yay!) and so we were trying to think of a place in the area for dinner that was reasonable and delicious. For some reason, it was really hard for us to think of places in Timonium/Hunt Valley that were reasonable and not chains or crappy! In the end we decided to go to An Poitin Stil, an Irish restaurant and bar that is close to home. I had been there before and I remember really loving it, although I never really think about going there because unfortunately I always just think of it as a bar and not a restaurant.

Well, I’m really glad we went! The restaurant looks cool and is decorated well inside too. We sat in a castle type room which was neat. The brown bread and honey butter that was served before our meal was divine and it was hard reminding myself that my meal was coming! I ordered a house special- corned beef and cabbage (It was about $13.50)! I know this sounds kinda unappetizing, but it was DELICIOUS. The beef was corned brisket beef (I don’t know what the corned bit means) which was incredibly tender and juicy. The cabbage was EXCELLENT. Even people who are iffy on cabbage would love this cabbage. It was just so soft and flavorful, having been braised and then coated with a parsley sauce. There were also potatoes on the side, but I forgot about them and merely wanted my beef and cabbage. Oh yea, and there was A LOT of cabbage. I took a hefty amount for lunch the next day.

Dan tried the Tri Color Cheese Tortellini Shrimp Fra Diablo, which is a fancy way of saying cheese tortellini in a tomato sauce with some shrimp. However, perhaps it says Diablo or “devil” because holy crap that sauce set a FIRE IN MY MOUTH. I couldn’t eat more than one bite it was so hot. Dan enjoyed it though, his tolerance is better than mine. Be aware!

My dad ordered the shepherd’s pie which is soooooo yummmmyyyyy. This is the meal that I had first had when I came here, and it did not disappoint when I tried it for a second time. The beef chunks were tender and the sauce was flavorful. The mashed potatoes or “champ” on top was yummy as well. I really really like this dish, and it’s great that it’s such an accessible dish while being an Irish speciality.

For dessert, I had to try the bread pudding and oh man was I happy! The bread pudding had the most raisins I had ever seen, which makes me so happy! The flavor was very rich and luscious, and the bread they used had to be of good quality. I liked this dessert A LOT and was very happy that I couldn’t finish it all and was able to take half of it to work the next day.

Overall, we loved this place. We liked the really laidback atmosphere and the delicious food. It’s definitely a place we’ll visit again.

An Poitin Stil
2323 York Road
Timonium, MD 21093

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Anonymous said...

If you like the Still you should try Ryan's Daughter sometime. Its on the Towson/Baltimore City line. Right near the Senator Theatere in Belveder Square.

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