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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weber's Farm, Parkville

Going to Weber's Farm in the Fall should be a Baltimore tradition.  They have their own apple orchard where you can pick your own apples (now over for the season), and they also have their own shop where they sell produce and baked goods.  One thing that Dan and I love to go there for is their cider apple donuts which they make on the premises.  It's a thin, freshly made donut covered with cinnamon sugar.  It's delicious and such a treat when visiting and walking around the store.  I also like to get apple cider there as well as some local cheese from a dairy farm in Maryland (Keyes Creamery in Havre de Grace).  

Something else to note is that they raise their own turkeys there at the farm, so if you want a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, consider getting one from Weber's.  Go onto their website to find out more information (they are $2.49/lb).

In general, I just love the feel of going to Weber's.  It's in the middle of a large neighborhood in Parkville and it feels so random, but I like that a community has been built all around it since it's actually celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year!  It's super close to Towson, and for all you city folk-- it may be the closest farm to visit! 

Weber's Farm
2526 Proctor Lane,
Baltimore, MD 21234
Fax 410-665-7844

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