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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sweet Lela's Market Cafe, Towson

I've been excited about this place ever since my dad and I stopped by before it first opened. The name seemed promising with "sweet" in the title. I had images of pastries and chocolates dancing around in magical harmony. Finally I decided to go here to get a cup of coffee. I had high expectations because this place is Italian and I had some delicious coffee when I was in Italy (including my first ever espresso!). I asked for a "Moka" as it said on the menu and it was about $4.40 for 16oz which is insanely expensive now that I think about it. It's amazing how much I can spend on coffee and not even flinch. Anyway, the coffee was a HUGE disappointment. I am pretty sure I got the milkiest latte that has ever been made, with the most foam that has ever been scooped on top. It took me about 6 big slurps to even get to the coffee. And when I did get to the "coffee" it was actually steamed milk. Where the crap was the mocha taste? It was nowhere. You can be sure that I'll never get a coffee from this place again. What a disappointment. An expensive disappointment.

Sweet Lela's Market Cafe
3 W Allegheny Ave
Towson, MD21204
(410) 821-5352

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