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Friday, January 8, 2010

Are You a Tea Drinker?

Since I've been feeling a bit under the weather, tea has been my new best friend and there are two kinds that I've been drinking lately.

My staple for the mornings has been Yorkshire Gold, (p.s., on their website, doesn't that Tea Loaf look spectacular????) a really rich black tea that warms my body entirely while transporting me to the misty moors of England (in Wellington Boots and a raincoat of course!).

The next kinds are the jasmine tea and chamomile citrus tea from Mighty Leaf tea. These herbal teas are perfect for the times when you don't want any caffiene, but just some extra warmth. I also love that they come in these delightful bio-degradeable silk pouches, which allows them to add large pieces of rind or tea for better infusing.

I've got to say though, once I start feeling better, I'll be filling my to-go mug with some freshly brewed coffee, but I'll always remember my tea days fondly :)

What are your favorite tea brands or flavors? Does it change to something different when you're sick?


Simply Life said...

I've been drinking a lot more tea this year and less coffee, but I keep changing tea flavors for variety and to find the perfect kind :)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

My daily addiction is a half-gallon or so of that day's choice of highly-flavored tea (for today, for example, it's Zeke's Winter Blend, with some mulling spices added to the batch) cut with several generic bags of generic pekoe tea. Snapple quality at about 10-20 cents a half-gallon.

Bria said...

my staple is green tea with honey, although TAZO orange tea is pretty wonderful. When i have a sore throat i always rely on a little tea with whiskey. works everytime

Bria said...

or bourbon...either one!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Simply Life - That's right, I remember reading you gave up coffee! Good for you! So you haven't found your perfect tea yet?

Alexander- I didn't know that Zeke's made tea! I actually just bought a bag of their Hippie Blend coffee....YUM. I'll definitely try and check out their tea, I especially love your concoction.

Bria- HI! Glad to see you joined the blogland :) I love Tazo tea as well, so I should definitely try the orange tea when I'm at work. And since I'll be at work, bourbon sadly will not be in the mix :)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, of course, it's more accurate to say that Zeke's blends and packages tea, not makes/grows it. Hmmmmm, I wonder if that experimental former Lipton's tea plantation in lowcountry South Carolina is still in business as the "only" American tea grower? It appears Bigelow bought out the American Classic Tea company and plantation, and a lot of the online links/references are now dead or outdated, but it looks like Bigelow still sells it.....

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