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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atwater's, Towson

Ohhhhh delicious lunch, I love you so.

I recently had one of the best lunches in a VERY long time, and may have even found a "favorite" spot in Atwater's. Not only is the food spectacular, but I actually feel good about eating there, which usually doesn't happen with many restaurants these days.

Their menu changes daily, so check their website before you go. I wish I had written what I had exactly, but I will try to remember well! But just let me tell you - get a cup of their soup. They are FANTASTIC. Mine was a creamy tomato soup with fennel, apples and golden raisins ($4.50?). But that was only what it said on the menu. In reality it was full with big chunks of yummy vegetables! I loved it! Plus I liked that it wasn't overly creamy, just a hint to create a silky smooth broth. I ordered the cup, which was a really nice sized portion, plus they served it with a chunk of their fresh bread on the side. Perfect accompaniment.

Next I tried half of their free-range chicken salad sandwich on sunflower flax bread ($4.75). I love their chicken salad, especially because of the raisins. In fact it also comes with apples and cranberries. If you love chicken salad, please try their version!

My mum ordered half of their portobello sandwich ($4.95) and I was SO JEALOUS it was SO GOOD. I usually would never order a portobello sandwich, but now I need to re-think that. It was toasted with caramelized onions, roasted peppers and provolone. This was seriously perfection. It almost tasted like French Onion Soup in a strange (but delicious) way.

When it came time to get the check or order dessert, I knew I had to try the dessert. I was so happy with the rest of my meal (p.s. the coffee was great too!), that I couldn't stop without trying one of my favorites - carrot cake, served as a cupcake ($3.50). Oh, and yes, it was great! The cake was dense and not too sweet. The small dollop of cream cheese icing complemented the cake perfectly, and really was the perfect amount.

All in all, I LOVE this place. Although it seems like a lunch time place to me, the Kenilworth location is open until 9pm! I can't wait to come back. Just be careful, it's a small place so it can get very crowded! Next time, I want to buy some of their freshly baked breads too. Oh, what a delight.

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Beth said...

If you liked the one in Towson, you have to go to Belvedere Square. They have practically the whole market building and it's really an amazing variety of foods on offer!

Simply Life said...

I LOOOVE Atwater's and miss it!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

ohhh i would miss it too :)

Beth - Looks like I'm going to have to check out the Belvedere Square location!!!!

Bria said...


Deb M said...

I did not realize you can carry out an omelette from Atwater’s, which is what I did today! Brought home field greens salad, great arugula omelet, and chicken salad from the Catonsville location. Everyone enjoyed lunch and I’m sure we’ll do it again soon!

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