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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tropical Grill, Cockeysville

There's a strip mall in Cockeysville that seems to experience a lot of change. I've seen a bunch of restaurants come and go there, but I am hoping Tropical Grill sticks around!

Tropical Grill is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant (with a hint of Greek? food). The restaurant itself is very bare bones. You don't go here for the atmosphere, you go here for a yummy meal!

Dan and I both ordered a taco platter which comes with 3 tacos and a side of rice. I wish we could have tried a mixed platter, because I HATE committing to one taco, but I chose the Carne Asada platter ($9.95) and Dan chose the Al Pastor ($9.95). The corn tortillas were thick, warm, and freshly made. The meat was great and well seasoned. Though both were equally solid, I preferred the Carne Asada over the Al Pastor, especially with the accompaniments of cilantro, lime and salsa.

Pupusas ($2) are also a must try!!!! Pupusas are basically stuffed tortillas. You can get a variety of stuffing - cheese; beans; cheese and pork; or cheese and herbs. Dan ordered the cheese and pork, and I was very impressed with the amount of meat they stuffed into the bread. The cheese was warm and gooey, and I loved the cabbage-y salad they served along side it. I LOVED the pupusas.

On another occasion I've tried their Guisdado de Res ($10.95) or beef stew with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and green peppers. This is a great price for the large portion, but the meat was not stewed long enough so it ended up being pretty tough. The sauce itself was good but a bit salty. This was not my favorite dish.

So overall, I would be happy to go back and get some more tacos and pupusas! I think I may try some more Salvadorian specialties too!

Please look carefully to find this place, it used to be something else and they may not have changed their name from "Maria's of Los Angeles" on the main signs. Also, last time I checked they are on

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starla said...

I love papusas! I think it's unlikely I'll drive out there for them, especially when Fell's Point has so much to offer, but I'll totally look this place up if I'm nearby.
I made papusas one time. harder than they look. Turned out tasty, though...mine were a different shaped tamale, more or less.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

mmmmmm I love pupusas too! I'm impressed you tried to make them. And yea, I'm sure Fells Point has a ton of other places to go for pupusas. Guest post????

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