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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alonso's, Roland Park

I love burgers.
I love them at home, I love them at restaurants, I love them at other people's houses, I love them so much. 
But of course, I've been trying to be better about where I purchase my meat - so when I found out Alonso's gets their meat from Roseda Beef and Gunpowder Bison Trading Company, I happily skipped into the restaurant to get my meat on.

But here is where I got confused, and where I will take a food detour for a second. 

Why are Alonso's and Loco Hombre two different restaurants, but basically one?  They have the same website, same owners, share the same kitchen AND bar....and yet they are technically two restaurants.  You can even order from one restaurant and eat it in the other.  I don't really know what that's all about...but it's confusing.  I think it could easily be one restaurant.  Alonso's is clearly the bar side of the restaurant, whereas Loco Hombre is the fancier sit down side.  This could be easily arranged, people - start cracking!

But anyway, Dan and I sat at the bar in Alonso's and I ordered a lovely Sangria ($6) (from Loco Hombre's menu) and some AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG Corn and Crab Flautas ($10) (also from Loco Hombre's menu).  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try the flautas:

I love the crispy tortillas and the combination of crab and corn.  There really is something for everyone with this appetizer.  Also, the sangria was great too - lots of fruit and just enough sweetness.  Very refreshing.  Next time l want to order the Hibiscus Margarita ($9) - doesn't that sound fancy and fun!?!?!

I ordered the 8oz Bison Burger ($13) which came with cheddar cheese, grilled portabella mushrooms and a creamy horseradish sauce.  Personally, I thought the horseradish sauce added no extra flavor, so I would probably leave that off next time - but everything else was magnificent.  The bison meat was juicy and I love the flavor and texture of the accompanying cheese and mushrooms.  This was quite a meal!  The fries were also great, but I couldn't eat too many because I was so full from my burger! 

Oh, by the way, for $2 extra, you can order a 1lb burger (which apparently used to be their only size!!!!), or you could pay $2 extra to make any 8oz burger with Bison ($4 extra for the 1lb burgers).

Dan ordered the 8oz Smokehouse Burger ($13) which came with BBQ sauce, applewood bacon, pepperjack cheese and sauteed onions.  He also loved his burger and said he was especially happy that they didn't douse it with the BBQ sauce, like many places do. 

So, would I go here again?  Absolutely.  The burgers were awesome, and I love that I can switch out any burger with bison meat (though Roseda is great too, but I love the lower fat content of bison!)  The flautas also introduced me to the fact that I would love Loco Hombre's food too, so I wouldn't mind giving them a try either! They also have a ton of food and drink specials as well throughout the week.

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theminx said...

Once upon a time, there was Alonso's, a bar and package-goods joint that served served pizza and 1lb burgers. It was a neighborhood institution - that area on Cold Spring is called Alonsoville by the locals. Then Loco Hombre moved in next door and a few years later took over Alonso's. The owners, Classic Catering, didn't want to lose the regular customers from Alonso's, but they wanted to do Tex-Mex, so they kept both as sort of separate entities.

Even now, both sides have different dinner menus - while you can get burgers and pizza on the Loco Hombre side, you can't get Tex-Mex on the Alonso's side - at least you couldn't the last time I ate there.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I should point out two things:

One, the Alonso's/Loco Hombre "merger" occurred during the point when the one company owned basically everything at that intersection--three other places, including S'ghetti Eddie's. Alonso's and Loco Hombre were spun off and sold to Steve Summers & company a year or so ago, and is now separate from the other three.

Two, Summers substantially upgraded the beer selection; it's now one of the best beer bars in the city outside downtown/Fells Point, and on par with, for example, Mahaffey's, Metropolitan, or Ale Mary's. They're also doing cask ale (firkins) once a month or more often.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Thanks Minx and Alexander for filling me in! It seems like Alonso's is definitely an institution!

Alexander - it does seem like a really cool bar to go and watch a game or chill, so it's good to know that they have great beer too!

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