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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pasta Mista, Timonium

Since I was such a huge fan of the Towson location, I was excited to give the new Timonium Pasta Mista a try as well. This location has much more room, so it was nice to have the choice to sit and eat.  I got two slices of pizza, and that was probably a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle too much for me because these slices are HUGE OMG HUGE.  They are so good though!  I gobbled them up.  I decided to try the white veggie pizza and then another white pizza with, I think, caramelized onions...I forget..sorry :(

Either way, my favorite was the white veggie (which I had also ordered at the Towson location and loved).  Next time, if I were to get two pizza slices I would order that and a plain cheese pizza because I didn't like having two slices without any sauce, and their sauce is good too.

Anyway, love this place for a nice quick and cheap meal out.

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Wow that looks delicious I wonder if I can make it at home today haha thanks

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