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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bagel Works, Cockeysville

Bagel Works is one of those places that everyone in the immediate area knows about.  You come in and seat yourself for a cheap breakfast or lunch.  They make their bagels themselves and they are always fresh and excellent may I add.  When I go there I usually get an omelette because they also come with homefries and a bagel. Excellent deal for under $7 if you ask me!!!  I've had the Lord Baltimore before which I enjoy- cheese, a choice of meat and homefries are mixed into the omelette.  Get this if you really enjoy homefries!  I also like the meat, egg, cheese, and homefries wrap.  My favorite bagel is the cinnamon raisin and I splurge for the walnut raisin cream cheese, which makes the bagel $2.75, which is pretty hefty for a bagel with cream cheese if you ask me.  Overall, this place is definitely delicious but not something you should drive out of your way for.  I'm sure you can find plenty of places like this all over Baltimore.  But for people in the Timonium/Cockeysville/Hunt Valley area- it's a household name!

Bagel Works
11209 York Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Also a location in Towson
(410) 785-0811

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more. This was the most disgusting place I have ever eaten at. The food wasn't so bad until my last bite of sandwhich when I was spreading a little more mayo on and there was a dead gnat in the plastic tub. As I was gagging up my meal, I took the mayo up to the counter to show the cook the dead gnat. I said, "there is a gnat in my mayo" and she looked at it and said "so there is" and went back to her thing. No apology, no refund, no nothing. I went to the bathroom to take a moment to regain my composure and there was a fly strip hanging near the wall. And guess what, it was covered with 100's of little gnats. I couldn't belive it. Has a health inspector never been to this place? I grabbed my purse and high tailed it out of there and haven't looked back.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Ugh that's sooooo horrible! I would definitely hate that place if I were you. That's upsetting that they didn't even give you a refund :o(

Anonymous said...

i worked there and we would spit in the food and someone once took a dump on the grill near close and called it a "pinto bean grill special"

Anonymous said...

i once worked there. it started off okay, then it turned horrible. owned rips off his customers. not to mention the cooks are dirty mexicans... on top of it all, mila, the short skunk mex spits in the cream cheese because she cant reach the bagels

Mom and Dad Marsh said...

Anyone from this area knows that this is one of the most established and well-liked bagel shops in Baltimore. A small, diner-style shop the food is consistently good; the bagels are always fresh and the servers do a great job.

The folks commenting negatively here are probably either former slacker employees or individuals whho are always looking for handouts/free meals. Their comments on immigrants are offensive and indicative of a lack of education and class.

Take it from someone who eats here regularly and who knows folks who have been going here for years, this is a great bagel shop with wonderful breakfasts, lunches and of course pretty awesome bagels! The Super Cinnamon will know you out!

Mom and Dad Marsh said...

The Super Cinnamon will knock you out!

Nakiya said...

I'll have to try the super cinnamon - thanks for the recommendation and comment!

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