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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Java Joe's Round Deux, Baltimore City

Remember I had a terrible smoothie from Java Joe's? Well, I decided I would give it another try because they had the most delicious sounding sandwiches. Also, it's relatively new and I like to help out places that have to compete with Starbuck's and Cosi's that surround them.

So, I tried their Mocha latte and was very happy! Usually, you can't go wrong with mocha lattes (although...see Sweet Lela's Market Cafe), but I still really enjoyed this latte. I think the coffee itself isn't as strong as Cosi's so it's more soothing and comforting than it is a jarring wake-up experience. It's $3.30 for a small and $4.48 for a medium which I think is a HUGE difference in price but not enough difference in size to make the medium worth it. I definitely think that whenever I decide to treat myself to lattes (i know it sounds like it is everyday, but it really isn't), I may walk a little further and go to Java Joe's instead of Cosi's.

Or perhaps I will just go there to try more of their sandwiches because I was delighted with the "Thames" which is tuna salad with dill, muenster, tomato and lettuce on sunflower bread. The bread is delicious and hearty. This is such a yummy sandwich, and it made me really excited to try more of their selection (which is quite large if you look at their menu on their website). The tuna salad was made perfectly and I got quite a serving too! I thought it went really well with the creamy muenster cheese. Overall, I was super happy with my choice! I will definitely go back again for lunch.

Java Joe's
8 E Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 727-6647

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theminx said...

Java Joe's isn't new at all. When I worked at a jeweler on Charles Street in the early 90s, Java Joe's was in that little shopping plaza at Charles and Saratoga, and it was my favorite place for a cup of coffee and the occasional lunchtime sandwich. It moved to its current location on Baltimore Street several years ago.

I wish I didn't currently work so far away so I could have lunch there once in a while!

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