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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some more events at Morton's in Baltimore

(Me with Jon Hanley, Executive Chef for Morton's. Photo Credit: Jason Knauer)

Morton's Steakhouse is quite busy! I am invited to a Don Roberto Tequila Tasting on Oct 9th, 6-8PM (next Friday), so I wanted to pass along the press release for what's going to be a really exciting event!

But first, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about another event I attended at Morton's this summer - the release party of "Morton's The Cookbook: 100 Steakhouse Recipes for Every Kitchen" as well as a fundraiser for the Maryland Food Bank.

I had never been to Morton's before, so I was really excited to attend the event. Here was the biggest NON surprise - the food was AMAZING (which was also great because the appetizers were from the book, as well as the special cocktails! Read below for more details!)

The biggest surprise? Everyone was ridiculously nice, funny, personable and GENUINE. I don't know why, but I've always thought that steakhouses = pretentious and smug. But not here. Ron McNeil, the General Manager (and pictured below with me!), was awesome and the coolest manager ever (and I pretty much convinced him that we were best friends from here on out!). I met Jon Hanley, the Executive Chef who was incredibly gracious and quick to thank his staff and others for his success. And I also met Klaus Fritsch, Co-Founder of Morton's The Steakhouse and writer of Morton's the Cookbook. He made me laugh out loud - he was so hilarious!
(Ron McNeil, Morton's General Manager, and I. Photo Credit: Some nice person that took a pic upon my request)

Overall I had a really great time, the food was superb, the cause was excellent, and the drinks were YUM! In fact, let me tell you about my favorite drink they served: Cool as a Cucumber
(shown in the picture below, being poured by Rebecca Holton, a server at Morton's) which is made with muddled cucumber, lime juice, elderflower liqueur, ginger beer and vodka. This is the ULTIMATE summer drink - loved it!
(photo credit: Jason Knauer)

The favorite appetizers were the Sirloin Rolls, wrapped around a rod of lemongrass. I also loved the Smoked Salmon Wedges, which were similar to a flatbread with salmon on top. Lovely!

OK. So now that you know that events at Morton's are top notch, here is the Press Release for the Tequila tasting (and don't forget the Champagne and Chocolate Tasting I mentioned yesterday!!!!):

Be among the first to taste the new Don Roberto tequila at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Baltimore’s “Don Roberto Tequila Experience” served along with Morton’s signature hors d’oeuvres on Friday, October 9, 6 – 8 pm. Cost to attend is $50 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. For reservations, call 410-547-8255.

This special event features three Don Roberto tequila cocktails, Lavender Roberto Margaritas, Lemongrass Palomas, and Classic Margaritas, featuring Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions. The cocktails are served with roma tomato crostini and lump crabmeat canapé.

Additionally, Morton’s sliced tenderloin on crostini, broiled sea scallops wrapped in bacon with apricot chutney, petite lamb chops, potato skins, and Morton’s double chocolate mousse, are paired with Don Roberto Blanco, Repasado, and Anejo tequilas. This tasting portion of the evening is conducted by Tequila Ambassador, Mike Friedrich.

I can't wait to try the Lavendar Roberto Margarita!!! And also the sea scallops. And the chocolate mousse. And lamb chops. Basically everything.

Let me know if you sign up! There are a couple of seats left!!!!!

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Kara {Must-Have Boutique} said...

Thanks for sharing Nakiya!

Simply Life said...

Oh I'm loving the photos - soon you'll be invited to all the main tasting events!!!!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

You're welcome Kara!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

And to my dear friend at Simply Life - oh how wonderfully delicious that would be!!!!!!!! :)

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