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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dottie's Cafe, Baltimore City

Dottie's Cafe is in the Holiday Inn on Lombard Street. I wasn't planning on going there, but I was feeling sleepy and as I was passing by, I saw that it served Baltimore Coffee & Tea coffee (yay!)

I ended up paying $2.50 for a medium coffee. No fancy lattes or syrups or anything, just Baltimore Coffee & Tea's Baltimore Blend.

Am I wrong, or is $2.50 for a medium cup of coffee a bit too much?

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lauren (athlEAT) said...

I cant believe that I am JUST NOW finding your blog - cant wait to look around. I am like you in that I LOVE to eat and talk about it. :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Yay Lauren! I am so glad you found me! I've been following your blog on google reader for a little while, but I am one of those annoying people that never comment, only stalk :)
I promise that will change!

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