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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andy Nelson's BBQ, Cockeysville

Cornbread, ribs, BBQ Tater Wedges, more cornbread and apple cake

Andy Nelson's BBQ is the go-to BBQ place for the Hunt Valley-Cockeysville-Timonium corridor. It's located on York Road, and you'll see it because there's a giant pig on the building. There's much more seating than you would think, and they also open a barn next door for larger parties.

Andy's is famous for slow cooking all their BBQ and serving it Memphis style.

I ordered a half rack of Memphis dry ribs. I always like to get ribs dry so that I can control how much of the sauce I eat. The ribs were yummy- they fell right off the bone and into my mouth! Also, I thought it was a generous half-rack portion.

With a couple pieces of cornbread (good- very sweet, though a bit dry) and the ribs, I was happily full. Dan ordered the same thing, but also with the BBQ Tater wedges that I'm not really fond of. They are too......potato-y. I mean, it's just too much. I'd rather have fries.

I also bought some homemade apple cake, which I saved for later, that was sweet and moist and full of large pieces of plump apples.

I've had the sandwiches from there before, as well as the brisket, and I must say the meat is just perfectly cooked here - very flavorful and tender. I would suggest getting cuts of meat or sandwiches where you can add your own sauce, because sometimes it can be a bit too much when they add it themselves.

p.s. Yes, Andy Nelson is a former Colts Football player - and there are lots of pictures and other sorts of memorabilia posted around the place. What's great is that most of the time, Andy Nelson is working there whether it's the weekend or weekdays. I love that commitment he has to his restaurant- it really shows.

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Kevin said...

What a weird coincidence. I just had lunch there.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Didn't you just post a BBQ post too? hahahahaha

So what did you get at Andy's? Did you like it?

Kevin said...

I had the pulled pork sandwich. It hit the spot. I was REALLY in the mood for bbq with a mustard/vinegar sauce, which Andy Nelson's definitely delivered on. I pocketed a few of those sauce cups. The bbq bug comes and goes.

notablem said...

I tried the pulled pork sandwich last month with my birthday coupon. Do you know about that? They send a mailer entitling you to a free entree up to $7 and some change. We really liked the sandwich. It tasted even better being free. HAHA

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Yummmm to both Kevin and Notablem!

Notablem - thanks for the reminder about the coupon, I always forget about that. Everything tastes better when it's free :)

SE(Denufood) said...

yes, we did go raspberry picking at Mingodale..probably we were the last ones to go raspberry picking for this was fun though..

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