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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Take on Wine Tasting at Swirl Wine

When I buy wine, I usually head towards a familiar bottle that I've had before, or I choose based on pretty packaging married with a happy price tag. I usually have an idea whether I want white or red, and after that I can also tell you which popular grapes I like the best - but sometimes even that throws me for a loop.

This is why it has been really helpful to go to Swirl, my local wine shop, for their free wine tastings on Fridays. They supply their customers with a list of the wines - and tasting notes they've written about each. I write ALL OVER that paper. I always take notes - especially if I like a bottle. Then I transfer those notes to my wine journal so I can keep a log of all the wines that I love. Because I've been going so often - I have a LOT!

Now, I know that many wine shops have free wine tastings, but I had to give a shout out to Swirl for coming up with an AWESOME idea for their tasting tomorrow (Oct 16th) - the Vs. Tasting.

They are going to have a blind tasting!
They will pair a Napa Cabernet (Freemark Abbey Cabernet) against an Argentinian Cabernet (Felino Cabernet)
An Italian white (Bidoli Pinot Grigio) against a Spanish white (Shaya Verdejo)
It will be interesting to see whether people like a wine they wouldn't usually choose on the shelf!

How much fun!

Swirl Wine
2320 York Road
Timonium, MD

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