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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Roberto Tequila at Morton's

As I mentioned on my blog, I was invited to Don Roberto's Tequila unveiling at Morton's Steakhouse. Once again, I had a really fun evening - great drinks, amazing food, and really great foodies/drinkies :) Also, I must say, if anyone knows how to cook a lamp chop- it's Morton's! Wow, those bad boys were good.

We had the option of trying three different tequila cocktails. Two were infused with Tea Fortes (one with lavendar, and one with lemongrass and mint that I was NOT a fan of) and one classic margarita. Ah the classic margarita. It was delish. Many times during the evening, I kept wondering out loud if my drinks had any tequila in it. Oh, there did, but it was just that smooth.

Don Roberto Plata (Silver, White spirit and un-aged); Don Roberto Reposado (Rested, aged 6 months in white oak barrels); and Don Roberto Anejo (Vintage, aged 1.5 years in white oak barrels).

We recieved a presentation about the Tequilas and it's new introduction into the United States. We also were offered Reidel Tequila glasses to sample the tequilas.
--- Straight ---
I had to sip on straight tequila?????
I was terrified. Drinking tequila straight is not my idea of delicious. But for the sake of the blog, I closed my eyes, tried not to smell it too much, and took a sip.
And you know what?
They didn't make me gag, spit up or cry! Miraculous!!!!!
In fact - they were smooth, had different tastes and I could see them being quite pleasant for a Tequila-sipper. That just shows you right there the quality of this liquor.

After our sampling was over, I went back to my margaritas - they were awesome!
p.s. I met Mark Burlet, who writes the Baltimore Drinks Examiner blog. Check out his post on the Don Roberto evening.

p.p.s. Tonight, at Morton's, is their Champagne and Chocolate Tasting. If you go (you are SO LUCKY!!!!!), let me know which chocolate is your favorite!!!!!

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