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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bluestone, Timonium

The Epic Seafood Club

Dan loves seafood, so he chose Bluestone, a County restaurant known for seafood, to celebrate his birthday recently.  Bluestone is quite lovely inside.  It's also pretty crowded with a ton of suburban locals looking to go somewhere
a) really nice
b) that's not too far away
c) with good food
d) and not a chain.
Bluestone fits that description to a T.
This is also the type of place where you will see people both dressed to the nines as well as jeans and sneakers (myself).

All Dan wanted was a Seafood Club: Crabcake + Shrimp Salad + Bacon + Sore Mouth from opening too wide.  His seafood club cost $17....that's hefty for a sandwich, but he loved it and declared that it's his favorite sandwich ever!!!!

I decided to get a crab cake sandwich for $14, and merely just discarded the bun (yuck, I hate wasting!) and found that Bluestone's crab cake, which was a very nice size considering I ordered the sandwich, was excellent.  Plus the GIANT asparagus were great as well, though I do hate when restaurants serve vegetables with a ton of oil considering I chose that side instead of fries to be healthy.

When I came here before, I tried one of their seafood entrees, and I remember being blown away by the meal.  What I also love is that they have a dessert chef as well, so all the desserts are made in-house.  Yum!  Their creme brulee is FANTASTIC.

Overall, this place has great food, I am pretty lucky that it's so close to me!  If you're a city-dweller and find yourself in Timonium (perhaps to visit Baltimore Coffee & Tea, which is literally right across the street) and feel like having a great (though a tad pricey) meal - you will not be disappointed with Bluestone!

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Jamey said...

If you want to get a feel for the restaurant without committing to an entire meal, the Wednesday and Thursday Happy Hours (4-7) include half priced appetizers (which are very good) and some half price drink specials. The restaurant gets crowded fast on these days though.
The seafood club is a masterpiece. Dan has good taste.

Kevin said...

I thought that sandwich only existed in my dreams. Now I have a new purpose in life: to eat that seafood club.

Simply Life said...

Oooh that does look like a great meal!

and YES! I would definitely substitute almond butter when baking basically anything! :)

notablem said...

Bluestone does have great food!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Jamey - Yes! THank you for mentioning the happy hour! I tried to look for information on that on their website, but they didn't have it.

Kevin - It exists! You should try it!!

Simply Life - YUM! Can't wait to try nutella + almond butter

Notablum - Sure does :)!

Jamey said...

Nutella + Almond Butter is dangerously close to chocolate and peanut butter.
I knew you would come to your senses.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

ahahahahaha Jamey! Not true! Almond butter tastes totally different! I tried a mini peanut butter cup last night, just in case my taste buds had changed.....they haven't...still gross

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