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Friday, May 7, 2010

Green Leaf Restaurant, Hunt Valley

Green Leaf, an Asian (including Thai and Japanese specialties) BYOB restaurant in Hunt Valley, was such a nice little place to go to dinner one night.  It's intimate, yet large enough to be comfortable, and full with regulars on a Friday night (always a good sign!) How do I know they were regulars?  Well, judging from their location, in the corner of a shopping center away from the main Town Center, it's not going to capture many visitors to the area, which is a shame.

We ordered 2 appetizers: the steamed shrimp shumai ($4.95) and the crispy wontons ($4.95), filled with crab and cream cheese. Both were yummy, and a pleasant starter to the meal.  I would probably get the shumai again, but that's because I loooooooooooove shumai.

I ordered a salmon avocado roll  ($5.50) and the yellowtail roll ($5.50), which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also pictured is my mango iced tea, which contained real mango pulp, though no taste of tea.  It was lovely and refreshing (and made up for the fact that I didn't know it was BYOB!)

Dan ordered the Crispy Honey Sesame Chicken ($11.95) and though it wasn't as crispy as usual, he still thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness of the sauce.  Besides, we both agreed that less crispy is better than overly crispy.  The portion of rice was a tad too small, but you can order more.

My friend ordered the chicken dish pictured above (I think it was the Japanese Pan Noodles,$14.95, my bad...I completely forgot!!!!)  The nest of noodles was a lovely presentation, but not so delightful to eat, though the actual chicken + veggies were good by themselves. 

Overall, this place is a nice BYOB Asian restaurant in the Hunt Valley area, with plenty of health options (in fact, they have a whole section of their menu devoted to healthy options called Green Leaf Spa Cuisine) and very attentive and friendly staff. However, is it worth it driving from the city to the 'burbs....not really, but if you're in the area, it's definitely worth seeking out. 

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