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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Groupon: Blue Hill Tavern

I feel like most people by now know about Groupon, but just in case you don't, it's a website that offers discounts EVERYDAY for various activities or restaurants within your region, including the Baltimore Area.  Sometimes they offer gift certificates to restaurants, sometimes to yoga studios or art classes, or even laser hair surgery. 

Today you can buy a $30 gift certificate for $15 towards Blue Hill Tavern in Brewers Hill.  The coupon is valid for an entire year, is valid for dinner only, does not include tax/tip, and can only be used for one table.

I've never been to Blue Hill Tavern, but I've heard great things about it.  Here are the items that are calling my name:

  • Fried Guacamole ($9) - Tortilla crusted, salsa fresca (fried guacamole sounds fun and unique!)
  • Artisan Cheese Plate ($12) - Served with honey comb and crackers
ENTREES (actually, nearly all of the entrees appeal to
  • Short Ribs ($23) - 48 hour sous vide boneless short rib, roasted red skin potatoes, baby carrots, green sauce
  • Tavern Burger ($12) - Kobe beef, brioche, aged cheddar, Duroc bacon, fried onion, spicy ketchup
  • Rack of Lamb ($28) - Almond goat cheese crusted, spice fregola (I'm thinking they mean fregola pasta?), roasted garlic jus
SIDES (If I were to get the Burger)
  • French Fries ($4)
  • Haricots Verts ($6) - Really?  The healthy choice is $2 more expensive than french fries?  Jamie Oliver would NOT approve.
DESSERTS (not sure if this is included in the gift certificate...but still)
  • Lemon Pudding ($8) - Katafi nest (fancy presentation, but it better not take away from the size of my pudding), ginger fig compote (YUM I LOVE figs)

Blue Hill Tavern
938 S Conkling Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Have you gone to Blue Hill Tavern?  What would you recommend? 


Jamey said...

Very cool place with good food. The burger especially is very good. The tomato soup with grilled cheese is very good as well.

The outdoor seating would be great this time of year.

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thanks for post the wonderful stuff of this incredible restaurant, do you have the list of international beers?

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