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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kirbie's, Downtown

When I first started my new job, my coworkers repeatedly told me that Kirbie's was one of the best places to get lunch in the immediate area (near the hospital).  I noticed people going there for breakfast and lunch, and I knew after months of working here that it was high time I made my way over.

One of my colleagues raved about their grilled chicken salad wrap, so when I went in intending to order it, I was happy to see that it was on special!  I got it with some Utz chips and a pickle for a little under $6.  Great deal!  I asked for the dressing on the side and I chose the spinach wrap (no extra charge) instead of regular.  The verdict:  Good stuff!  The grilled chicken was still warm and well seasoned (with a ton of thyme, I think), and I loved the cheese and fresh romaine lettuce.  I really preferred the dressing on the side, because I found myself not really needing any since the chicken was so moist and flavorful.  I was very happy with my lunch, and I can see why a lot of people come here!

The menu is huge, so even though I will definitely be going back, I may not get the same thing - just so I can try other items.  A friend of mine said their fries are incredible - I'm almost too nervous to find out just in case I would want to get them all the time!!!!!

Have you gone here?  Any suggestions for me???

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Wendi said...

I can't give you a Kirbie's recommendation but the one place I miss lunching at in the city is Cyprianna. Their chicken pitas were worth coming in from Tide Point for.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Yes! I keep forgetting they have a place in the hospital as well!!!!!!!

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