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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mount Washington Tavern, Mt. Washington

Oh hi terrible picture because of terrible lighting, nice to meet you.  
You must be a Fried Green Tomato Sandwich with a side of coleslaw

So let's dissect my disappointing evening at Mt. Washington Tavern, a place I've gone to many times for drinks, and only a couple of times for dinner.

6 of us sat in the atrium room where the entire ceiling was open, which was perfect for a gorgeous evening. We ordered a round of drinks (including a $5 slushie house drink called the John Daly that is an alcoholic Arnold Palmer hahahaha) and perused the menu.  Feeling bad about the state of the meat industry, I decided to get the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich ($11.95) - served on ciabatta with mozzarella, basil, greens and a side of coleslaw.  It was awesome!  I loved the sandwich and thought the texture of the green tomato was a wonderful compliment to the soft and salty cheese.  The coleslaw was fantastic too!

Dan ordered some cream of crab soup, which was WAY too spicy and looked like mushy bananas (true!) and the Don Quixote Artisan Grilled Cheese ($8.25) - Spaniard-Wheatberry bread served with Manchego cheese, Prosciutto Ham and Brown Sugar Red Onions and Served with a Pickle and Sweet Potato Fries.  The sandwich was OK, though I think Dan regretted he didn't order a burger.  The sweet potato fries weren't so great either, since they weren't really fries....more like long slices of sweet potatoes.  Where was the crunchy fried goodness???

What else went wrong?  Let me tell you:  
a) Our server literally ran away anytime someone ordered something and never checked in with the rest of the table to see if we wanted anything (we always did).
b) I never received a refill on water
c) Dan specifically asked for "NO PICKLE" on his sandwich (they seriously make him gag), and his meal came with a pickle literally resting on his meal
d) My friend ordered the Three Cheese and Tomato sandwich, that was served WITHOUT the tomato.  What the crap, how do you forget one of the main ingredients????
e) Drink orders were forgotten
f) Soup orders were forgotten and had to be reminded
g) Let me mention again: Mushy banana crab soup
h) We didn't receive any bread for our table because we were all ordering "Casual Fare"....even though our meals took forever to come out

Sure, they seem minor, but letter A was really the worst.

However, recently I talked to my mother-in-law who recounted her horror story at Mt. Washington Tavern where apparently the staff told her and her friend they absolutely could not sit in a booth unless they were with a bigger party.  The room was empty...there were lots of tables and booths open.......and yet they made a fuss?  Yikes!!!

Mt. Washington Tavern has a lot of things going for it.

a) It's huge
b) It's got a lovely sky bar that is wonderful in the summer
c) It's right next to the light rail, so it's convenient for happy hours
d) It's been around for a while

Letter D is good for them, because one automatically assumes that  it's been around for a reason....but it also means that the restaurant can be sloppy, since people will still come anyway.....(and wow do they - that place is crowded on a Friday night!)

So would I come back again?  Well, I definitely had a good meal....but I don't think that's good enough anymore.  Maybe a drink in the sky bar would be nice, but I'd probably suggest heading over to another restaurant on Sulgrave Avenue for dinner.  

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Mel said...

Yes you definitely deserve better service! I went here a few months ago with my family, and I can't remember about the service, but food was decent. I did not like my pizza (the cheese was like cafeteria pizza style cheese - yuck) - but everyone else enjoyed their meals (especially those who got burgers).

Baltimore Foodie said...

I was also disappointed with my visit. I know I didn't post it on my blog yet, but I did post an article about it. There seems to be a lack of attention to detail with the service and in the kitchen.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Mel - That's a shame about the pizza! Also, I heard that the burgers were yummy and they did look good.

Baltimore Foodie - "Lack of attention to detail" - yup! Exactly. Such a shame.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Last time I was there I had horrible service at the bar.

theminx said...

I haven't been to Mt Washington Tavern in at least 15 years, and the last time I was there I was disappointed.

The Urbanspoon ad says a lot...only 52% like the restaurant.

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