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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Morning Haiku

It's Purple Friday,
Ravens will beat the Steelers!
Let's go Baltimore!
What are people's plans for the game?  Well, more specifically, what are people's eating plans for the game? 
We are getting carry out from Andy Nelson's (the brisket sandwich itself makes you feel like you've won the championship of DELICIOUS) and some Ravens-themed cupcakes from Icedgems (who have their own shop in Reisterstown now - 213 Main Street, Reisterstown MD!!!!!) to fill our tummies.

What about you? Going to a restaurant/bar (Which reminds me, Chewpons has a deal right now for $10 towards $20 of food AND drink at Hightopps Backstage Grill)? Breaking out the food processor to make fresh guacamole?  Whatever your plans - have a yummy time all around! aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Go RAVENS! :)

p.s. I went here for the picture :)

1 comment:

theminx said...

We're watching the game at Casa Minx, and I'm making chorizo nachos for noms. Go Ravens!

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