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Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Sample of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

I bet you all think that I'm like Rachael Ray and getting sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts the way I talk about them. Alas, I am not, but I really do enjoy their coffee, as you all know.

However, I do like to make my own coffee at home in the morning (usually with the Fair Trade Mexican blend from Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company actually). Since, DD is giving out a small (1.1oz) sample pouch of either their new Dunkin' Dark blend or their Original Blend-might as well try it out! Click here to enter.


reading said...

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Avinash said...

Mmmm love dunkin donuts. They dont sell them here in the UK but I was in New York in March and had some. They were bloody amazing.

(by the way, found your blog through Jorge Garcia's and clicked on it because I thought you're really pretty)

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