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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's talk about yogurt for a second. I love it and eat a lot of it, especially in the morning topped with my mama's homemade granola (SO GOOD YUMMM)

I found the glory of greek yogurt, but I also like Stonyfield and Wegman's Organic Low Fat Vanilla styles as well. I choose low fat over fat free because it's a much better consistency.
However, I love trying new things of course, so when I was in Wegman's (Hunt Valley, MD) and looking through their Organic section, I came across this Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr) called Siggi's. I picked up the Pomegranate and Passion fruit flavor to try and was VERY excited! So what did I think? WOH it was TART. My lips definitely puckered up a number of times the first few spoonfuls. I still enjoyed the flavor though, I just wasn't expecting it. The other thing I wasn't expecting was how thick it was, it took my forever to eat the one pot just because it was so thick and tart it almost stuck to my mouth. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't get this again - I've realized I like my yogurt a little bit sweeter than that, and not as thick. I mean, it was thicker than greek-style yogurt!!!! I'm glad I tried it though.

The next new brand I've found (at Superfresh on Timonium Road, 21093) is Chobani's (greek yogurt) Champions yogurt, and my pack came with honeynana and chocolate. OMG I LOVE honey + bananas + yogurt and I LOVE chocolate. I thought that this yogurt pack was made for me. I tried the honeynana first and unfortuantely I was very disappointed. The banana flavor is overwhelming, and tastes VERY chemically. When are flavor-makers going to realize that they don't need to overdo the banana taste? However, the consistency was great - thick, yet light and smooth. The chocolate flavor was my favorite. I've had chocolate yogurt before and I've never liked as much as I wanted to, but Chobani gets it right. I think it's because it's a thicker yogurt, so it feels like a lovely treat. I would definitely get the chocolate flavor again if I found it away from it Honeynana pack-mate.

And these are my yogurt thoughts for the day :) Any favorites you have to share??


Felony Melanie said...

I like the yoplait strawberry banana - the new thick and creamy low fat one they have (way better than the normal low fat ones, which are good, but a lot thinner consistency). I like to mix it with granola for a healthy and very filling meal! I really prefer just banana, but they seem to only make that in the regular fat kind (delicious, but more fat/calories).


Simply Life said...

I just tried Chobani for the first time a few weeks ago and the blueberry is my favorite so far! You should try contacting them for a free sample pack to try more flavors! :)

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Melanie - Yum I LOVE mixing yogurt with granola!!! It keeps me full for hours, seriously.

Simply Life - A free sample pack? They give those out? Is that how you get so many delicious treats!!?!?! I'm always jealous of the goodies you get! :)

Bria said...

come and visit me at Mr. Yogato is fells! we have non-fat yogurt...but its frozen, tart and delicious!!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Bria - That's right! I do need to come there. What kind of toppings do you have?? I LOOOOVE toppings :)

lauren said...

I just tried Siggi's for the first time today! The Orange & Ginger flavor. I mixed in some golean kashi crunch and loved it.

I have never seen that Chobani before! I do love their pineapple flavor though.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Lauren - I haven't seen that flavor! Did you get it at Wegmans?

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