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Friday, February 5, 2010


Welp, I know what's on everyone's mind right to add fuel to that fire.....let's chat!
I LOVE snow and I can't wait for this snowstorm. I have sooooo many BBC miniseries to watch, and I have five million different cookie recipes I want to make. I can't wait!
I also have a bag of cornmeal that I bought randomly one day, so maybe I'll do something with that. Either way, our electricity BETTER stay on this weekend or all my plans will be shot hahahaha.
I went to Wegmans last night and surprisingly it wasn't too bad! Of course, we went at 9pm and nearly everything had been swiped from the shelves, but luckily they still had milk and eggs, and chips and salsa for the game on Sunday. I loved looking down the bakery aisle and seeing that a bunch of stuff had been bought from there - a lot of people have the same idea as me!
Anyway, stay SAFE and have FUN and bake A LOT



Felony Melanie said...


I think we'll be making mac and cheese (from the box) and rice krispy treats this weekend! YUM!

Kevin said...

What miniseries are you watching?

Kara {Must-Have Boutique} said...

Hi Nakiya! So much snow!!! We are supposed to get more tomorrow!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Kevin - I ended up not watching a miniseries but a whole show - Monarch of the Glen which was on BBC Scotland. Next in line will be the BBC's Robin Hood. The last snowstorm I watched a bunch of BBC Masterpiece Theatre movies. Ahhhhhh I love Netflix :)

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