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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break Recap and Free Calendar Download!

(this is not my Christmas tree, but isn't this a cool picture!?)
Happy 2011!

I am slowly facing reality that my Christmas break is over, which is sad for me because I had one of the BEST. TIMES. EVER.  My parents and my sister's family all gathered at my house for basically the entire week, and it was AWESOME and SO MUCH FUN.  I also have to say that I have the most beautiful and perfect niece ever, and I loved every minute I got to spend with her.

We did lots of cooking as well, which I really enjoyed.  My sister helped me out with my 2010 Resolution of baking a layer cake from scratch.  I used Martha Stewart's Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Frosting recipeVerdict:  It was good...but not good enough to justify the amount of time we spent on that cake.  Plus, making it canceled out any desire I had to eat the cake.  There's just WAY too many sticks of butter in that recipe.I'll stick to buying the Ultimate Chocolate Cake from Wegmans instead.

I also prepared New Years Eve dinner complete with this rib roast recipe, some roasted potatoes, carrots and peas (all hail the Frozen Vegetable Bag) and Yorkshire pudding!  We capped off the night with some mini minced pies and some prosecco.  Everything turned out wonderfully!

We didn't eat out too much because of the little one, but we did get carry out from Pasta Mista and my sister and I and our hubbies (both named Daniel hahahaha) were able to steal a couple of hours for some drinks and appetizers at Talara.  I, of course, convinced them to try the fire and ice ceviche.  That is seriously one of my favorite things ever, and they agreed!

Oh well, now it's all over and onto 2011. This year is going to be a big non-foodie one for me - I plan on running my first marathon!  I haven't signed up yet, but I am going to run the Marine Corps Marathon in the Fall.  I am VERY excited and VERY nervous.  Have any of you run that course?  Have any tips for me?

Also, since it is the start of the New Year, here's a super cute Produce Free Calendar Download for you from Cottage Industrialist.  I love that it graphically tells you all the monthly seasonal produce!

Hope everyone had a lovely break!


royela said...

sounds like an excellent way to close out 2010.

but don't give up on layer cakes!

try hershey's "perfectly chocolate" chocolate cake and frosting. easy peasy one bowl recipes for each and soo good!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Thank you, Royela! That really does seem much simpler....maybe I should give it just ONE more try :)

Jen said...

Yay, you decided to run a marathon! I remember the Marine Corps Marathon course as mostly flat except for one huge hill. The marines stand at the top of it screaming for you though, which helps. But this was a few years ago so the course may have changed. Looking forward to reading about how your training is going!

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Flat = AWESOME. I am really excited about training - is that strange? I like having a goal to work towards. I will definitely try and post some things related to my runs and nutrition (or lack thereof) this year. Thanks for the support!

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