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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maisy's, Downtown

One night, some good friends of ours wanted to hang out for dinner, so we decided to find a place which was relatively inexpensive and that none of us had been to.  This actually proved harder than we thought.  I had recently read a review about Maisy's on Charles Street (here), and after some deliberation, we ended up going there.  

For my dinner, I chose the California Chicken ($8.95) - Grilled chicken, provolone, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and red pepper coulis on a kaiser roll.  In all honesty, I did not like my sandwich.  The roll fell apart while I ate it, I didn't think the alfalfa sprouts worked well with the red pepper coulis.....and it was just kinda boring.  I ate half and that was enough for me.  I was disappointed...I LOVE taking food home! The sweet potatoes fries were good, though a bit overcooked. 

Dan wisely chose the BBQ Chicken pizza ($12.95-14.95, I forgot!!) - a special for that night.  Now, I am not a fan of BBQ pizzas, mainly because I don't particularly care for BBQ sauce, but even I could tell that this was one fine pizza.  Dan LOVED it, and especially loved the corn, which I had never seen before on a BBQ pizza.  My friends ordered a Margherita pizza ($11.95) which I really loved - especially the really large chunks of Mozzarella cheese.   The pizzas are very thin, but they are very large and perhaps best for sharing. 

 They also offer $20 bottles of wine, which is really amazing, and I had a wonderful sauvignon blanc for $6.

Overall, despite my sad sandwich, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place.  The price and size of their pizzas are such a good deal and the atmosphere of the restaurant is so chill.  I loved the Christmas lights, which made the room look cozy, inviting, and quite romantic!   I could totally see people coming here, grabbing a glass of wine or a beer, and sharing an appetizer and pizza. That would be a great night!

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theminx said...

I think Kaiser rolls make terrible sandwiches because the top always - always - falls apart. And in my mind, nothing goes with alfalfa sprouts. :)

Chris said...

That never fun to have a strike out meal when trying a place out for the first time, but at least everything else seemed good enough that you'll want to go back. I'm not sure if I've seen corn on a bbq pizza in a restaurant setting, but my family use to make mini bbq pizzas, exactly like Dan's for dinner. Definitely delicious but the corn can be a turn off for some.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Minx - Yea, I think Kaiser Rolls + sauce of any kind = DISASTER.

Chris - That's true, I didn't think that people may not even WANT corn on their bbq pizza...but it definitely went well with the sauce. And yes, even though I didn't like my sandwich, the margherita pizza that I tried really helped the restaurant's standing in my eyes :)

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