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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RECIPE: Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Remember when I went to B&O American Brasserie and I tried sweet corn ice cream for the first time and LOVED it?  Well, I found a recipe!

But I am nervous.....maybe it won't be as delicious?  Maybe I loved the combination of the corn ice cream with the cherry upside down cake and ONLY that combination?

What do you think - would you make Sweet Corn Ice Cream or HAVE you made it?

Here's the recipe: Sweet Corn Ice Cream on The Kitchn (one of my favorite websites ever!)


Mr. Cheap Eats said...

Make it and document it for posterity's sake!

Bria said...

let us know how it goes? do you need something fancy to make ice cream?

just mad a sweet corn and tomato pie

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

You're right, seriously, I need to just take one for the team and make this sucker.


Jen said...

I would DEFINITELY make sweet corn ice cream! It sounds delicious. Please let us know how you like it.

I'm going to B&O American Brasserie tomorrow for the first time. I hope this ice cream is on their Restaurant Week menu!

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