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Friday, October 2, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award - Thank You!!!!

My wonderful friend over at Simply Life, awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award" - how Lovely, indeed! Before I gush with pride about being awarded something for my little Bloggy, let me first say that you should definitely check out Simply Life for her AWESOME recipes. I've saved many of them to make later, including the pesto recipe she recently blogged about :) Thanks again - you are SUPER!

OK, now time to gush - yayayayayayayayayayayaayay! OK, done.

As is Blog Award Tradition, here are the 10 blogs I feel are deserving of this award:

1. Ikea Hacker - SOO many tips for Ikea furniture and accessories.
2. An Indian's Makeup Blog - I LOVE her tips, enthusiasm, and makeup!
3. Epi Cute. The Cute Food Blog - Cuteness + Food = Nakiya's Heaven
4. Every Last Cookie - She is attempting to (and will succeed!) bake and blog about each cookie from Martha Stewart's Cookie Book before she graduates from college. She is also hilarious!
5. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody - Not only are her recipes/pictures delicious, but I look forward to reading her intros every time she blogs. She is insightful, witty and smart.
6. Copy Cat Chic - For someone who is constantly looking for a good deal on furniture or other home products, this is the blog for you!
7. The Look 4 Less - Similar to Copy Cat Chic, but with clothing and accessories instead
8. My Milk Toof - HILARIOUS adventures of two teeth named ickle and Lardee. Need I say more?
9. Smitten Kitchen - Amazing recipes, amazing photography.
10. Elizabeth's Edible Experience - Really yummy recipes

Now, let me easily segue onto ANOTHER award I am hoping for - A MOBBIE! Please vote for me if you haven't! You are able to vote every day until Oct 9th (one more week!!)

Thanks for your support :)


Simply Life said...

Too fun! :) thanks for the kind words!

Oh, you should definitely make the pesto and go to the recipe link I posted for measurements with fresh basil :) Hope things are going great!

Reichel Broussard said...

Awww, thanks for the award! I can't wait to browse through your blog. It looks yummy ;)

Lizzie said...

Well thank you so much! Love your blog as well!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for thinking of my blog Nakiya! I really appreciate the award!

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