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Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Maryland's Governor's Cup Competition

To go along with my Morning Haiku, another reason to check out the Wine Festival this weekend is to try some wineries that got top honors at the Maryland Governor's Cup Competition on August 15th. 

Also, as an aside.....I can't be the only one who thinks of Harry Potter everytime I read the word Basilisk, right?  I am deathly afraid of snakes, but for some reason I want to go to Serpent Ridge Vineyard for the SOLE reason of trying the Basilisk BECAUSE it reminds me of HP. 

That makes me officially nutty, doesn't it? 

I should open my very own Harry Potter Themed Vineyard.  OMG that would be AWESOME.  I could call it Gryffindor's Grapes or something like that. Let's think of some awesome names for Harry Potter wines. 

Ron's Red?  That's lame. 

Voldemort's Viognier?  Noooooo, blah!  I am not being creative enough!

Oh yea, back to the Governor's Cup........ :)

Here are the big winners:

Governor’s Cup Award Winner–Best in Show!
Fiore Winery • Sangiovese 2007

Best of Class Awards
Best Red: Fiore Winery • Sangiovese 2007
Best Rosé: Knob Hall Winery • Rosé Reserve
Best Red Blend: Serpent Ridge Vineyard • Basilisk 2008  (!!!!!)
Best Off-Dry: St. Michaels White • 2009
Best Fruit: Fiore Winery • Apple-luscious

Gold Medalists
Black Ankle Vineyards • Crumbling Rock 2008
Black Ankle Vineyards • Rolling Hills 2008
Cygnus Wine Cellars • Blanc de Blanc 2008
Dove Valley Winery • Gold 2008
Fiore Winery • Apple-lucious
Fiore Winery • Sangiovese 2007
Knob Hall Winery • Chambourcin 2009
Knob Hall Winery • Rosé Reserve 2009
Knob Hall Winery • Semi-dry Rosé 2009
Little Ashby Vineyards • Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Little Ashby Vineyards • Super Talbot 2007
Serpent Ridge Vineyard • Basilisk 2008
St. Michaels Winery • "Martha" Chambourcin 2008
St. Michaels Winery • St. Michaels White 2009
Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard • EVOE! 2007

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